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Sweet Temptation
Marquis Hawkes
Aus Music
Catalogue Number
Release Date
March 10, 2017

'I'd say that this record is the least sample based I've done on Aus, rather than a continuation. There's more of a focus on chords, melodies and rhythms than building up a track around a sample. Also, I'd say "A Burning Light" is a bit of a departure, particularly with the cheeky Jungle sample in there -the vocal was also sampled on Dead Dred "Dred Bass" released on Moving Shadow in 1993- although probably best not to mention the sample source so publicly :) But this is a big room track, much like Sweet Temptation is a big room track- so I think it definitely worth pointing out that there is a couple of big room tracks on the record. "Following on from Doornroosje" might be a phrase worth bearing in mind here'

Digital Track List

  1. 1 Eivissa 6:11 Buy


  2. 2 The Burning Light 5:39 Buy

    The Burning Light

  3. 3 Sweet Temptation 6:54 Buy

    Sweet Temptation

  4. 4 Zapper Buesky 5:42 Buy

    Zapper Buesky

Marquis Hawkes

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