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Space In Your Mind
Sei A
Aus Music
Catalogue Number
Release Date
March 18, 2016

After two years in the making, Aus Music and !K7 are proud to announce the release of Scottish producer Sei A’s third full length, Space in Your Mind. Two singles from the ten track opus—'Ancestors' and ‘Space In Your Mind,’ complete with DJ Tennis remixes—will come ahead of the full release on February 26th 2016.

Sei A is Andy Graham, an ever-evolving producer who has cooked up many different shades of house and techno since emerging in 2008. From dark and melodic to well swung and bass heavy, he is not one to repeat the same trick twice as two former LPs and more than 15 EPs on labels like Turbo, Life And Death, Kompakt and Aus/Simple have proved before now. As if to cement the point, this full length finds Graham straying from the dance floor to cook up a fulsome album that stands up to introspective home listening.

“The LP came from writing a lot of music in a short space of time,” says Graham. “I felt I had grasped a sound and I wanted to expand it further. Musically I was finding that the material had much more space within the sound, with the main structure of it being melodies, therefore giving it quite a rich feel throughout. I was also aiming to expand on writing actual songs that take in verse/chorus, verse/chorus structures.” And he has sure accomplished that, because with the help of guest collaborators Will Samson and Daudi Matsiko on four tracks, Space in Your Mind is an absorbing listen with many melodies and vocal lines lingering long in the memory.

There is a sombre feel to the album right from the off. Opener ‘Always’ is a grainy, sparse sonic landscape with fractured vocals and dark drones eventually being cut through by bright melodies. From there that pixelated sense of melody continues through the bleak ambience of ‘In The Light’ and ethereally back lit glow of dark and dubby pop night ’Space In Your Mind.’ Full of shadowy spaces, greyscale pads and comfortingly downbeat drums, tracks like ‘Kalstar’ pick up the pace but remain resolutely insular, whilst ‘Everytime’ is the stunningly emotive jewel right at the heart of the album. It marries forlorn and vulnerable vocals with waify chords and downbeat synths that are truly pained before ‘Everytime’ offers a noteworthy break in the clouds with its vast synth chords and heavenly vocals drifting in perfect harmony. Then ’Ancestors’ features more genuinely pained vocals amongst a dubby brew of beats, ‘Morning Soldier’ conveys a real sense of optimism after the darkness that has gone before and from there the album plays out through heavily hymnal atmospheres, heart broken chords and teary eyed melody of the sort that are truly moving.

Includes unlimited streaming of Space In Your Mind via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more. less

Digital Tracklist

  1. 1 Always 4:47
  2. 2 Into The Light 3:33
  3. 3 Space In Your Mind 4:34
  4. 4 Kalstar 5:22
  5. 5 Linear 6:55
  6. 6 Everytime 3:48
  7. 7 Morning Soldier 3:37
  8. 8 Ancestors 6:37 Buy


  9. 9 Tides 6:31
  10. 10 Exit 4:42
  11. 11 Trails Of Gold 4:29

Sei A

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